Insidious Chapter 2, is now on Netflex and it inspired me to make this post, on astral projection. 

So astral projection is when your soul floats out of your body, and you’re in the realm between earth and the other side. 

I’ve never tried this my self, but after readings I made this:


Get rid of any fears you have: Are you scared of encountering a demon ? Scared of irrational things such as what if you can’t get back in your body ? Get rid of them. Learn to over-come them. Nothing will hurt you on the other side and the silver cord between you and your body can’t be broken. 

Do it after you wake up in the morning: Set your alarm clock an hour early so you feel a bit drowsy

Relax your body: Let the tension out, get rid of any random thoughts. Relax. 

Imagine: Focus on a specific part of your body (your toes) and imagine that it’s moving (curling your toes) but don’t physically do it. Spread out slowly to the rest of your body.

Imagine again: Imagine yourself getting up and moving around your room while your still lying down.

Vibrations: You should feel vibrations. It’s trying to channel you into the astral plane.

Practice: The above steps take a lot of practice and patience. Once you’ve managed to do it. Have fun and be safe. Explore the world and even outer space.

Getting back into your body: The silver cord will always guide you back.

Here’s a website that has more information


Don’t do this if you have severe mental problems (depression, anxiety). It’s just no good. Your negative energy will probably attract other negative beings.

Your body: Alright, so this is common sense but your body is still vulnerable. If someone were to come in and stab you, you will die, and the silver cord will be severed. Make sure you’re in a safe place when you astral project.

Possession: So this is a huge question and I’m sorry that I can’t tell you that something like this can never happen. But if it did, it’s an unheard case. Don’t let movies like Insidious scare you.

The techniques of possession is very difficult and you’d have to be willing to let a demon in with open arms. Possession is something that can happen when you are still in your body too, remember that. This is why ouija boards are so bad. 

Astral Beings: When your out exploring the world, you might see some creatures of different kinds. Some of them are pleasant but some might be down-right terrifying. Just don’t talk to them or even look their way.

They will try to feed off your energy leaving you feeling depressed for the next couple of days. If they try to approach you, snap back into your body.

If you want more information, here’s a website of a woman who has plenty of experience


Here’s an article written by experienced people on common myths. It’ll probably clear some things up for you.


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